What is a Charles?

This is a Charles, with an ice cream

Born and raised in the badlands of Perthshire, this Charles has since moved to Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh, where he lives and works.
He likes some things (such as baths), dislikes other things (such as umbrellas), and is totally meh on everything else (such as clouds).
It is important to put out a disclaimer. This blog is not going to help you learn how to get fit. It will not teach you the secret of happiness. And it certainly will not give you a greater insight into the political workings of the Labour Party from 1921 to 1937.
What it will do however is cover all manner of topics that pop into Charles’ head at various points of the day. It might be about dogs, it might be about carpentry, or it might be about his ever-increasing worry that he is developing Stockholm Syndrome with the University library.
Whatever it may be, he hopes it is enjoyable and makes you realise that your irrational thoughts aren’t quite so irrational after all.